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Spring Into Parks Banner

  • Owner:
    WA Parks Foundation
  • Location:
    WA Parks Foundation, Perth
  • Maker:
    West Australian Quilters Association
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 40 inches
    Width: 128 inches


A quilt group of the West Australian Quilters Association (WAQA) was invited to provide quilts for display at the 2020 'Spring into Parks' events organised by the WA Parks Foundation. The response was to make a banner of miniquilts that depict flora, fauna and landscapes of WA National Parks, Nature Parks and Reserves. The project was led by Pat Forster and Elizabeth Humphreys of WAQA. Thirty-nine WAQA members contributed. The banner was gifted to the WA Parks Foundation. The photos show the completed banner, the banner displayed at the the 25th Anniversay of the Treetop walk in Walpole, WA, and the banner displayed in the WA State Museum (March-April, 2022) for promotional purposes.


eight inch square, bound, miniquilts, sewn onto brown duck background fabric. The banner is in three sections, 32 inches, 64 inches and 32 inches wide, all 40 inches deep. Each section has a pocket along the top of the back so can be hung on a rod or strung between trees.

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