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Suffolk Puff Quilt

  • Owner:
    Teona Smith
  • Location:
  • Maker:
    Amy Joan Baker
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 218
    Width: 150


Made c. 1965 by Amy Joan Baker (Joan) at 'Windowie' Farm, Gilmore via Tumut NSW. Owned and used by Teona Smith, Batlow NSW. "Mostly cotton but any kind of material went into it. Just needed to be fairly soft. There is no patchwork material, it is all scraps from dresses and pjs. It took a few years to make and was only worked on occasionally. The quilt is purely decorative and would provide very little warmth."
[Teona Smith]


Suffolk puff or puff-ball quilt is made from scraps of dresses and pyjamas, mainly cottons but also taffeta lining fabric, net, lurex, flocked organdie. The quilt is in bright clear colours, the fabric mostly in small prints, ginghams, different size spots, a few large prints, Chinese brocade, nylon. Puffs are 5cm across and set 31 puffs across by 45 down. Puffs are squared off when whipstitched together, so corner holes are smaller than usual.
2180 x 1500mm

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