Owner Gillian Sullivan
Location NSW
Maker Unknown
Origin queensland
Pattern Patchwork Pieced
Date 1980-1989
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 236 x 223


The name of the maker is unknown. The quilt was given to Gillian Sullivan, the present owner by Mrs Lea Swiney, a friend on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland c. 1990. It is still used occasionally. Mrs Swiney had it for a number of years on a bed in their beach house at Toorbul but had no information about the maker.


Quilt made of 9120 very small Suffolk Puffs, each one about the size of a 20 cent piece. "Each piece backed and the front of it drawn up like a reticule. It was not backed and was rather fragile, so I backed it on to a sheet, as it was heavy and in danger of tearing when lifted." [Gillian Sullivan]
2360 x 2230mm


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