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Sure as Night Follows Day

  • Owner:
    National Wool Museum
  • Location:
    Geelong, Victoria , Australia
  • Maker:
    Jan Irvine
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 1100
    Width: 1850


The quilt was purchased from the Wool Quilt exhibition held at the National Wool Museum in 1995. It was subsequently exhibited in the Expressions 2000: The Wool Quilt Prize exhibition in the 'Invited exhibitors' section of the show. (Jan Irvine wrote the catalogue essay for this exhibition.) The quilt is part of the "Running Stitch" Collection. This quilt is titled "Sure as Night follows Day" and was made by Jan Irvine from worn and recycled woollen blankets with wool batting. The quilt has been crazy pieced, air brush dyed and hand quilted. The quilt was exhibited in the Running Stitch Contemporary Wool Quilt Exhibition held at the National Wool Museum in 1995 and was purchased for $1800 from this exhibition. The quilt was catalogue entry no. 18. It was later exhibited in "Expressions 2000: the wool quilt prize" from 16 Sept. to 3 Dec. 2000 (extended until 2/2/2001, catalogue entry no. 26).


Pieced and hand stitched quilt made from woollen blankets. The front is mostly cream in colour with blue handstitching worked over entire surface with a blue 'snake' like design forming an internal border design. There are two 'blue moon' shaped motifs near each corner on the top edge. The back is made from one piece of pink woollen blanket. Quilt, in pink and cream with a pink backing. There is a winding pattern in blue on the front.

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