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Sydney twinkle

  • Owner:
    Public Collection: Royal North Shore Hospital,
  • Location:
    Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards, Sydney, NSW
  • Maker:
    Alison Muir
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 130 cm
    Width: 130 cm


Most people when they visit Sydney for the first time, in the evening, become aware of the twinkle of the lights around the Harbour.
The work was made to honour Joanne Halgren who died of cancer in London early in 2006. Her smile was a Sydney twinkle, her home.
Selections: “Master Pieces: Imagine That!’ Husqvarna Viking
International Quilt Festival, 2006/7
‘Tactile architecture’ 2017
Exhibitions: Husqvarna Viking exhibition “MasterPieces: Imagine That!’ at International Quilt Market, Houston October 2006, International Quilt Festival, Houston November 2006 and International Quilt Festival Chicago April 2007;
‘Stitched dialogue’ exhibition Barometer Gallery Sydney in 2013; Direct Ergonomics Furniture Showroom Sydney 2014-16,
‘Tactile architecture’ exhibitions at International Quilt Festival Houston, Chicago and San Francisco 2017
Publications: MasterPieces: 'Imagine That! Catalogue.
Members Gallery www.ozquiltnetwork.org;
Current Masters 1 by Despina Tunberg published 2015 in USA
Donated to Royal North Shore Hospital 2019


Inspired by the view of Sydney lights from our home in Neutral Bay, Sydney.
Materials: Commercial, hand painted and hand dyed, shibori silk, metallic silk, cotton, recycled kimono, paper and beads, felt interlayer and cotton rear
Techniques: Fused appliqué and machine pieced


Andrew Payne, Photographix
Fabulous care at RNSH

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