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The Pokies’

  • Owner:
    Yvonne Line
  • Location:
    Campbelltown NSW Australia
  • Maker:
    Yvonne Line
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 120
    Width: 91


Medium large wall installation, textile art. Made from found materials from the 1950's.
"Although I rarely ‘play’ the poker machines, I was fascinated by the turning wheels, now of course superseded by electronics. And not nearly as much fun to watch and they rarely gave me a winning straight line. " Yvonne Line 2017


Technique: Raw edge pieces, with minimum cutting of the material. Rough blanket stitched hand appliqué with hanging threads onto a thin wadding and a cotton/poly backing.
Materials: 100% wool, crochet thread.

1200 x 910mm


Yvonne Line Art Textiles - A Complete Retrospective. 2017
Book available from the author.
Photo by John Lamb C.2017

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