OwnerAC O'Sullivan
Location VIC
Origin international
Pattern Wholecloth
Dimensions (H x W in cm)208 x 182


Maker unknown. Owned by Johanna Fitzgerald (born O'Dwyer), then her daughter Annie Moore (born Fitzgerald) and her daughter AC O'Sullivan (born Moore). The quilt was brought out to Australia by the O'Dwyer family on a sailing ship in 1851. The family left Holy Cross, Drumbayne [in] County Tipperary. They were Thomas and Mary O'Dwyer, who were accompanied by their five daughters. The youngest, Johanna, married John Fitzgerald at Ashby, Geelong Victoria in 1871 [and was] AC O'Sullivan's grandmother.


Wholecloth quilt of thickly woven white cotton, with an overall raised floral design. The wide border has a diamond pattern and is finised by a deeply scalloped edge. The floral design appears to be a type of raised or trapunto quilting, where the stuffing is placed under the design area only.
2080 x 1820mm


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