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Tumbling Blocks Quilt

  • Owner:
    Upper Murray Historical Society
  • Location:
  • Maker:
    Harriet Dixie
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 183
    Width: 122


Made by Miss Harriet Dixie in Treventy, Wales c. 1820. Later owned by Miss Winifred Waters, daughter of Harriet's eldest son Thomas Beaumont and Alice Wheeler and then by the Waters family. Donated to The Man from Snowy River Museum, Upper Murray Historical Society, Corryong Victoria in 1980. In 1831 she married John Waters and had four sons, Thomas Beaumont, Alexander Dixie, Edward and John. After John Waters died Harriet remarried. The children, not liking their stepfather migrated; Thomas to Australia and later Alexander followed. Edward and John (who became a doctor), went to Canada. Thomas Beaumont, on migrating, settled in the Upper Murray. He married Alice Wheeler in 1863 and they lived at Gravel Plains. Amongst their children were Rose and Winifred who later owned the quilt, and a son, Charlie. There are two stories as to how the quilt came to Australia:
1. The quilt was sent to Australia in 1856 on the death of its maker, Harriet and it then remained in the Waters Family until donated to the Upper Murray Historical Society's museum. 2. The quilt was sent out to the young couple, Thomas Beaumont Waters and Alice Wheeler, on their marriage in 1863. Their granddaughter gave it to the museum.
[From notes supplied by a member of the Upper Murray Historical Society 2 December 1997]


This patchwork quilt in the Tumbling Block pattern is hand sewn from silks. The quilt has a border of elongated hexagons outlined with black silk fabric, the gaps between each black edged hexagon filled with a triangle. The edge of the patchwork has been tacked on to a white material backing. The papers behind each patch are old docket books from 'The Great Northern Railway'.
1829 x 1220mm

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