OwnerVal Ireland
Location QLD
MakerEmily Ireland
Origin new-south-wales
Pattern Wagga Patchwork
Dimensions (H x W in cm)203 x 153


The internal quilt, now the padding, was made before 1933 by Emily Ireland (born Merz 1889-1933). It was then owned by Eric Ireland (1924-1994) son of the maker. Eric brought this quilt with him when he married Val and Val made the pieced top and backing in Penrith NSW in 1953. The quilt is not used now. Eric Ireland, son of Emily, the first maker was orphaned when he was 12 years old. Eric took his quilt (now the padding) with him as he moved from relative to relative and also when he went on long walks (200 miles) along the eastern seaboard.


Utilitarian quilt. The top and backing are machine pieced scraps of curtain material and clothing pieces. The centre is an old blanket and possibly clothing pieces.
2033 x 1525mm


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