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Domestic Wagga


It is not known who made the quilt. It was in the present owner's holiday cottage in the Royal National Park, NSW when they purchased it in 1954.

"The cottage it was used in is part of a cabin group of "depression architecture" holiday cabins in the Royal National Park, which have been classified by the National Trust and entered on the Register of the National Estate. Many of these cabins date back to the 1920s and 1930s, so it is likely there would be other such quilts, as many of the cabins are still in original family ownership."
[Mrs Diana Garder, Sydney NSW]


Grey woollen army blanket backing with multi-coloured pieces sewn in a random way; includes pieces of jumpers, socks, rugs with crochet flowers added etc. Quilt is a rectangular shape, the colours are mainly blues, pinks and maroon. Bottom third of quilt and part of one side are made from a striped rug, the remaining two-thirds are made from pieces of recycled clothing and decorated with crocheted flowers.

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