Owner Rosemary Blake
Location ACT
Maker Edith Perrott
Origin new-south-wales
Pattern Wholecloth Wagga
Date 1940-1949
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 177 x 152


The quilt was made by Mrs Edith Perrott (born Bartholomew 1879-1970) of Tumbarumba NSW for her son Glen and his wife Peggy's marriage in Tumbarumba in 1943. Peggy later gave it to her daughter Rosemary, granddaughter of the maker. It is used occasionally. It is similar in construction to a smaller one made two years later.


The inner part of the quilt is made from potato bags stitched together. These have been covered with a ticking type fabric held to the bags with large stitches using a string type thread. This whole inner layer is covered with muslin, dyed orange. The dye is thought to have been a Dolly dye. The quilt is very heavy. There are small hand stitches in each corner through all layers.
1770 x 1520 mm


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