OwnerJean Gilbert
Location QLD
MakerAugusta Ruby Craigie
Pattern Patchwork Geometric
Dimensions (H x W in cm)188 x 122


The quilt was made by Augusta Ruby Craigie (born West) known as 'Gus' at Petersham Sydney NSW in the 1930s. It was one of 11 or 12 made for the family weekender at Tuggerah Lakes NSW. Augusta Craigie then passed it on to her granddaughter Rhonda Graham (born Gilbert) via Jean (Bonnie) Gilbert, her daughter. It is not used now. Augusta Craigie's brother-in-law (Bert Monahan) and sister Minnie Monahan were a tailor and tailoress respectively and supplied the tailors samples for the quilts called "wagga rugs" by the family. The weekender had six double canvas bunks and the quilts were made to use on these.


Rectangular pieces made from tailors swatches and machine pieced in strips. Some pieces darned. Main colours blue, grey and brown. No padding. Backing is floral cotton with orange and brown flowers.
1879 x 1220mm


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