OwnerPrivate Collection
Location Sydney, NSW, Australia
MakerAlison Muir
Origin new-south-wales
Pattern Contemporary
Dimensions (H x W in cm)126 cm x 153 cm


Water leaves many marks from both fresh and salt. Using commercial patterns and artist designed patterns this work uses water as a metaphor for the fleeting marks of life.

Exhibitions: Creative Force 2007 SAQA exhibition USA.
World Quilt and Textile exhibition USA 2009.
Mosman Artists 2088 in 2008 at Mosman Art Gallery

Publications: Creative Force catalogue 2007, including cover image.
Members Gallery www.ozquiltnetwork.org.au

Family birthday present


Materials: Commercial and hand dyed silk, cotton, linen, and recycled kimono silk and lining. Felt interlayer, cotton rear
Techniques: Artists’ hand dyed, painted and arashi shibori, fused appliqué, Australian aboriginal silk screen printed cotton, and machine quilted


Andrew Payne, Photographix


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