Collection2001 National Quilt Register Collection by PWH
Register No.22DP
OwnerDonald Phillips
Location Western Australia
Origin Wales
Pattern Wholecloth Wagga
Dimensions (H x W in cm)200 x 100


The maker is unknown but is thought to have been a member of the present owner's great grandmother's family (Thomas) who came from Monmouthshike, South Wales. The quilt then passed to Beatrice Phillips (born Thomas) who died in 1974. It is now owned by Donald Phillips.


"Welsh wholecloth quilt - red on top and cream on back. Combination of traditional Welsh patterns including circles and diamonds. Quite large quilting stitches (due to the thickness of quilt I think). Top (red cotton) just about worn away, and was cut in half by my grandfather in the 1950s to make it fit 2 single beds."
[Anita Phillips]

Quilting is a major design element. The padding includes pieces of wool suiting, jumpers and a piece of mohair and the backing is cream cotton. Each piece measures approximately 2000mm x 1000 mm.

This is a historical record and cannot be modified.