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Where Have All the Flowers Gone?


Medium large wall installation, Art-textile.

"This wagga represents a response to the continual destruction of the number of floral species that are destroyed daily. Mass clearing of vegetation, both in Australia and overseas continues. This situation is reflected by the continual fraying of the material." Yvonne Line 2016

1680 x 1240mm


Technique: Raw edged, check and tartan samples assembled with little manipulation. Machine sewn to a cotton backing allowing for some fraying. The backing of the quilt is assembled using squares of left over pyjama material. Buttons: some in the shape flowers are hand attached through the three layers. The tails are made from a spool of the yarn used in the making of the fabric.
Materials: Australian recycled wool 60/40 new wool but loomed in Italy. Buttons from the family button box, collected over more than five generations.


Yvonne Line Art Textiles - A Complete Retrospective. 2017
Book available from the author.
Photo by John Lamb C.2017

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