Cross Currents

Weaving consisting of four panels sewn together to form the quilt. Consists of gradations of green to blue colours containing flecks of multicoloured wool through the weft. Weaving forms raised zigzag pattern running left to right through quilt. Three woven blue panels are sewn to the front of the quilt with dyed dark blue zigzags.


Green Ladder

A woollen quilt made from wool, silk organza and taffeta, and cotton embroidery thread with a horizontal ladder design in brown, grey and green. Machine quilted and hand stitched.


Heidelberg Busy Bee Signature Quilt

This redwork quilt is constructed from 213 white cotton squares and four distinctive sashings made from Torchon lace insertions. It is edged on all four sides with a substantial frill or flounce that is approximately 25 cm deep and is embroidered with a floral design. The quilt has 13 small squares across the width and