Collection2001 National Quilt Register Collection by PWH
OwnerSam Genovese
Location Perth WA Australia
MakerAngela Genovese
Pattern Wholecloth
Dimensions (H x W in cm)225 x 193


Quilt made by Angela Genovese in Malvania, Sicily Italy c. 1920s. She came to Australia in 1952 and probably brought the quilt with her. She passed away in Perth in 1990. The quilt is now owned by her son Sam Genovese. It is not used. "The quilt was called 'cottunata', it was used on the bed in winter time."
[Sam Genovese]


Wholecloth quilt, bright crimson cotton. Hand quilting is in thick cotton with a medallion design in the centre, vases of flowers in each corner, and some cross-hatching. Padding/wadding is thick flock, possibly compacted fabrics and the backing is yellow cotton.

2250 x 1930 mm


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