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Desert Lines

  • Owner:
    Linda Balding
  • Location:
    North Nowra NSW
  • Maker:
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 107 cm
    Width: 107 cm


Finalist Inaugural Australian Textile Art Award 2020.


As a Textile artist I work with fabric and threads, using them in non-traditional ways. This work is a layered, quilted textile hanging which has very little in common with practical, traditional quilts. This art quilt is a montage of personal images of special places from the outback, an overall impression of the beauty of the desert environment. Having lived in Alice Springs, I was fascinated by the variation in landscape and light, and the subtle world; at once harsh and unforgiving, subtle and delicate, and have tried to capture this through multiple images that blend as one.
Materials & Terchniques
My work includes Hand painting, natural dye, block printing and screen printing on plain fabrics of different textures and density. These printed images are layered to create a subtle depth.
The surface embellishment using wool, applique, cotton thread and gold gutta gives an added feeling od depth.


Photos by the artist.

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