OwnerElizabeth Williams
Location VIC
MakerCelia Aitken
Pattern Patchwork Hexagon
Dimensions (H x W in cm)249 x 180


The quilt was made by Mrs Celia Aitken, aunt of the present owner, as a gift in the early 1960s. Mrs Aitken, now deceased, made it when she lived in Berwick Victoria. The quilt has been in constant use since it was made. "The maker of the quilt was the daughter of a pioneer family who farmed land out of Monbulk Victoria then were forced to move as their property became the site of the now Silvan Dam. They then moved to a property at Trafalgar Victoria where Celia Aitken met and married Jack Aitken also from a pioneering family."
[Elizabeth Williams, 4 June 1998]


Cotton quilt of plain and patterned hexagons, six joined to make a flower. The flowers are arranged in rows with single motifs filling the spaces. Hand sewn. The backing is heavy red cotton material. There is no padding.
2490 x 1803mm


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