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Land of Patchwork II


Large format textile art. Further exploration of concept of Land of Patchwork I. Yvonne Line has a clear memory of this view and translated that using found scraps of material.

"In air flights over Australia, I have been fascinated by the strong geometric shapes of the way the land has been dissected by both man and nature. I could see dams and fields, tilled and untilled, stretches of green and brown lands and brightly painted roofs of outback houses and sheds.
Meandering through the landscape were a myriad of tracks and roads linking areas of civilisation or just wandering into the distance.
Like a map, there are lines dissecting the land over which we flew. From the air, I looked through different shaped windows.
As a child, I remember seeing bits of old blankets roughly stitched together. They were backed with discarded hessian, calico flour and produce bags. The Waggas were often used as room dividers in the open spaced bunk house when shearing was in progress.


Technique: Hand pieced and hand appliquéd, with lines dissecting the view as if looking at a map. Machine and hand finished.
Materials: : Using found materials: Wool and wool blends, Hessian. Except crochet thread and calico.


Yvonne Line Art Textiles - A Complete Retrospective. 2017
Book available from the author.
Photo by John Lamb C.2017

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