Collection2001 National Quilt Register Collection by PWHPioneer Women's Hut Heritage Quilt Collection
OwnerThe Pioneer Women's Hut
Location Tumbarumba NSW Australia
MakerLucy Gallagher
Origin new-south-wales
Pattern Patchwork Wagga
Dimensions (H x W in cm)140 x 115


This quilt was made by Lucy Gallagher at 'Eringoarrah', a property near Wagga Wagga NSW c. 1940. It was one of many Lucy made for general use on beds. Lucy moved to Wagga Wagga after her husband Walter died and in 1986 donated the quilt to The Pioneer Women's Hut. It is occasionally displayed at the museum.

Lucy's husband Walter (deceased) worked as a general labourer at 'Eringoarrah', a large property near Wagga Wagga, for 39 years. Lucy identified where most of the patches came from: 'That's part of Mr Sawyer's overcoat' (Mr. Sawyer was the owner), 'That's part of dear Mrs Wishart's frock'. Lucy referred to it as a wagga rug.


The top is machine pieced patches of used clothing. The backing is large pieces of dress materials and either end patches similar to the top. The padding is a chaff bag or similar with patches of worn, matted children's jumpers sewn directly on to it.

1400 x 1150 mm


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