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Bush Sunrise


This quilt was a challenge for the 2015 Australian Quilt Convention titled "True Blue", an old Australian theme with the blue feathers as an added bonus. The quilt was selected to go on display and to then travel around Australia and New Zealand.

I used an old blanket found in an op-shop which I suspect was pre-World War II. I eco dyed sections of it by wrapping it in rusty items and boiling in water. I then created stamps representing gum leaves and used them as a stamp onto silk which had also been dyed. I then stitched them onto the tree. The centre section has been done by wrapping fruit tin lids in wool and then boiling in water to get the circles, thus creating the stages of the sun rising. The feathers in blue represent the bower bird and of course the flowers of the flowering gum add the necessary colour to the quilt. This quilt was a wonderful experience in extending my new found talents in eco dying.

[Pauline Mackenzie, April 2018]


Mainly hand stitched with a small amount of machine thread painting on sections. Hand appliqued leaves and some printed onto the quilt using the stamp that I had designed and made. A small amount of hand painting of the reeds at the base of tree. All embroidery is done by hand.

Materials used include an old pre-World War II blanket, cotton fabric and silk. No wadding is used.

880 x 1000 mm

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