CollectionJanette McInnes Collection
Owner Janette McInnes
Location Brunswick West VIC Australia
Maker Unknown
Origin new-south-wales
Pattern Hexagon
Date 1950-1959
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 198 cm x 178 cm


I purchased this coverlet on Ebay. All the seller was able to tell me that she purchased it in the Clarence Valley, New South Wales. I purchased a second quilt from her that may be made by the same quilt maker. Sadly the history of the coverlets and their stories are lost to us. The coverlet appears to have never been used. It is beautifully constructed and a work of art.


The coverlet consists of small hexagons stitched together in a manner similar to the construction of a yo-yo 'Suffolk Puff' quilt. The maker whipstitched the hexagons together at 2 points. In one instance the hexagons are stitched together on a straight edge and in the other instance at the points. The maker's intention was clear from the start and she cut her seam allowance to allow for the same size as the finished hexagon - 2 cm. The seam allowance was neatly stitched in place on the reverse to hold the seams in place. She never intended to have a backing. The photos demonstrate this clearer. There is no wrong side of fabric visible. The rosettes consist of 6 hexagons stitched around a solid colour hexagon. The rosettes measure 10.5 cm. The maker stitched 340 rosettes and set them together in rows 20 x 17. Two rows No 7 and 14 consist of hexagons stitched in solid colours. These two rows add definition to the design of this lovely scrappy and colourful quilt.


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