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Clean up the Act

  • Owner:
    Private Collection
  • Location:
    Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Maker:
    Alison Muir
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 115 cm
    Width: 102.5 cm


The Sydney Stormwater Trust does not have sufficient money in 2005 to assist North Sydney, Willoughby and Mosman Councils to clean up the waterways discharging into Sydney Harbour. The incidents of pollution of the waterways are escalating and Australia will not join the Kyoto Protocol. We need to clean up the Acts and the way we do things.
Exhibitions: ‘Aquamarine’ artist’s solo show at Mosman Art Gallery 2005, SAQA ‘s ‘Transformations: Artist’s working with Fibre’ exhibition 2006 in August, Birmingham England and 2007 in USA
Publications: Catalogue for ‘Transformations: Artists working with Fibre’ CD, Members Gallery www.ozquiltnetwork.org.au


Materials: Commercial, hand dyed and hand painted silks, felt interlayer and 1970’s floral silk in browns on rear
Techniques: Fused appliqué, digital collage and machine quilting


Andrew Payne, Photographix

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