Owner Nell Bell
Location VIC
Maker Nell Bell
Origin victoria
Pattern Patchwork Appliqué Pieced
Date 1960-1969
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 183 x 92


Made and owned by Nell Bell at Eltham, Victoria in the late 1950s. "These were my first attempts at patchwork quilts. I had never seen patterned ones either in reality or in books. I worked them out myself. Had seen Waggas as a child. Made because old eiderdowns [had] worn out and needed extra coverings because child Gordon, born in 1957 needed a bed not a cot so about 1960-1961 I guess. Side A [is] a crude attempt at a pattern, mainly dress materials or overall materials. Side B [is an] attempt at windmills against dark blue sky. One band [of] flowers on black background [is] a tea towel. Lace panel in centre from curtains. Side B similar materials. Mix of hand and machine sewing". [Nell Bell]


Double sided patchwork quilt in coloured patterned cottons. Side A has frame pattern aound a central pieced rectangle containing a piece of lace curtaining. Colours are orange, brown, yellow, green, red and black. Side B has windmill blades (4 blades) in printed cottons with solid colour centres appliquéd on to a dark brown background. Hand and machine sewn. Padding is fleece wool in an old commercial eiderdown.
1829 x 915mm


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