Owner Gundagai Historical Museum
Location NSW
Maker Isobel Mclean
Pattern Patchwork Pieced Log Cabin
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 130 x 108


Made by Isobel McLean at 'Big Ben' Gundagai NSW. Previously owned by Isobel, now owned by the Gundagai Museum. The wool filling came from the pet sheep which was shorn with blade shears. The fleece was then washed and used for padding.


Patchwork quilt made of blocks in the log cabin pattern, in a 'Courthouse Steps' variation, which results in alternate bands across the quilt of dark and light. Silk and silk-like fabrics used. Padding is made from spun wool, backing is cotton satin and the quilt is edged with a pink cotton satin ruffle.
1300 x 1080mm


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