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Emerald Coast – Burning Desert 2000

  • Owner:
  • Location:
  • Maker:
    Linda Balding
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 110 cm
    Width: 80 cm


Made to support the 2000 PARA OLYMPIC GAMES held in Sydney. 'The quilts were made as a tangible means of expressing support for the Paralympians and a vibrant expression of what it means to be an Australian at the conjunction of a new millennium and the most important sporting events in the world.' (As quoted from the resulting book : QUILTS 2000 Australia Celebrates. This work is Quilt Number 393 on Page 82)
'The book follows the progress Of the Quilts 2000 Project as a group of 10 women called upon Australians to make quilts and donate them, with 650 quilts as a result. The establishment of www.Quilts2000.org.au, created Australia's largest virtual quilt show and enabled the quilts to be purchased 24 hrs a day world wide.'


This is a contemporary quilt made with hand screenprinted fabric, hand painted fabric and some commercial print fabric. Traditional strip piecing is combined with some larger printed panels and applique.
This work celebrates the diversity of landscapes in our amazing country and was inspired by the fact that my home was on the emerald green South coast of NSW but we had not long returned from four years living in Alice Springs in the central desert area of the Northern Territory. Such a contrast! which I have endeavoured to capture in this quilt.
Clear starry night skies, mountains, forests and rivers, desert dunes and Indigenous patterns are all inspiration for this work.

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