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Fox Skin Rug

  • Owner:
    Omeo Historical Society VIC
  • Location:
  • Maker:
    Doris Gould
  • Pattern:
    Animal Skins
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 155
    Width: 155


Made by Doris Gould from skins taken from foxes shot by her husband Jack and/or friends. Now owned by the Omeo Historical Society (VIC). The foxes were shot at Cobungra by Jack Gould (Doris's husband) or Bill Toland or Tom Leyshon. They whistled up the foxes using a whistle horn made from a piece of kerosene tin. The skins were tanned by Bill Toland using wattle bark and he also pegged them out. Doris pieced the skins, trimmed them and stitched [them] by hand using heavy thread. Extra skins were used to replace the grey pieces under the neck. The top was machined to the back felt and this was scalloped using a penny.
The rug for many years was at the foot of Doris's bed and used in winter. She then said it became too heavy. The children loved it.


Fox skin rug made from 28 winter fox skins, with turquoise green felt backing and with green felt scalloped edging. Part of some tails remain as edging. Skins [are] hand pieced together, top sewn to backing by machine.
1550 x 1550mm

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