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Strata title

  • Owner:
    Private Collection
  • Location:
    Sydney, NSW, Australia
  • Maker:
    Alison Muir
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 180 cm
    Width: 150 cm


Made to submit to Hunters Hill Quilt Show 1989, accepted to Show. Displayed in the offices of architects Jackson, Teece, Chesterman and Willis 1989 and sold to a designer for a domestic project. Included in The Quilters’ Kaleidoscope by Dianne Finnegan published by Simon & Schuster Australia. Pg 67


Rock formations that reflect the evolution of the planet include beauty and dirt. We had just bought our first home in a Strata which was both beautiful and dirty

Made from Commercial cotton, silk, poly-cotton, rayon and polyester and using techniques: machine pieced and machine quilting


Jonathan Chester photographer

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