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Hexagon Wool Quilt

  • Owner:
    Pauline Mackenzie
  • Location:
    Marshall VIC Australia
  • Maker:
    Pauline Mackenzie
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 140
    Width: 108


This quilt is a recent quilt but made from old blankets which I have dyed. The Onkaparinga and Laconia blankets were manufactured in the Geelong Victoria region. Two old blanket labels have been stitched to the back of the quilt.

The quilt was started in March 2017 and completed December 2017. It contains 52 hexagons representing one for each week of the year. Each hexagon is backed by a larger hexagon that is folded over the edge and hand stitched. Many of the wool pieces were found in op-shops, using designer label wool skirts, blankets etc. In some of the hexagons I have used pieces of hand woven fabric made by my daughter, part of a lace doiley from a family heirloom together with some hand felting which I had made and then embellished.

[Pauline Mackenzie, April 2018]


All blocks have a 9” (23cm) diameter. Each block is appliquéd then backed with another wool hexagon, forming an edge around the appliquéd block. All hexagons were hand sewn together using herringbone stitch and pearl thread. No machine work anywhere!

I used all wool fabrics, hand dyeing many pieces to get a suitable colour. Everything is hand stitched. No wadding was used.

1400 x 1080 mm


This quilt was inspired by a book titled Voyage autour de la Laine by de Segolaine Schweitzer. I used some ideas from her book and then going forward, designed my own.

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