OwnerAnnette Gero
Location NSW
Pattern Patchwork Pieced
Dimensions (H x W in cm)225 x 168


The maker is unknown. It was made about 1887. This quilt is now in the collection of Annette Gero. "Queen Victoria's Jubilee was a year of celebration in both England and Australia. As one Australian quilt maker says in her diary of 1887, 'I left home [London] at the end of November. It was Queen Victoria's Jubilee. I left London all decorated and I arrived in Sydney all decorated [for the Jubilee]'. Many patchwork quilts were made to celebrate the Jubilee." [Annette Gero]


Hand pieced silk log cabin quilt. "The centre of this log cabin contains three ribbons, each with a crown, Queen Victoria and the date 1887. The four surrounding blocks contain the rose, the shamrock, the thistle and the leek, representing England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales." [Annette Gero]
2250 x 1680mm


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