Register No.374GS
OwnerGlenis Steel
Location NSW
MakerReginald Tilley
Pattern Patchwork Pieced Geometric
Dimensions (H x W in cm)185 x 115


The quilt was made by Mr Reginald Tilley who was an upholsterer of Bexley North NSW. It was made in the 1950s. "Mr. Tilley was a family friend and made the quilt for my bed, as a teenager. It proved to be warm and practical. It has always been called - the Tilley Rug - within the family." [Glenis Steel]. It has always remained in the family and is occasionally used as a picnic rug.


The quilt is made from upholstery scraps machined together in a random pattern. Pieces are mainly rectangles and squares. Materials include velvet and moquette. The backing is also pieces of upholstery material in browns and greys. There is no padding.
1850 x 1150mm

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