Register No.990SJ
OwnerShari Jamieson
Location WA
MakerLenore Myrtle Howes
Origin USA Nebraska
Pattern Patchwork Pieced
Datec. 1945
Dimensions (H x W in cm)113 x 97


The cot quilt was made by Lenore Myrtle Howes (1913-1999) In Nebraska USA c. 1945. It was then owned by her daughter and now her granddaughter. It is not used. "My grandmother probably made this for my uncle who was born in 1945. When my brother was born in 1962 it was used for him. I remember having it as a 'doll' quilt as a child."
[Shari Jamieson]


Cot quilt, repeat block in Bow Tie variation (?) White homespun and pink print with animals. It is hand pieced and tied. The padding is white flannelette and the backing is pale blue homespun.
1130 x 970 mm.

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