OwnerDidee Knight
Location Mansfield VIC Australia
MakerDidee Knight
Origin western-australia
Pattern Patchwork Pieced Traditional
Dimensions (H x W in cm)150 x 125


I love this quilt as it was made from dressmaking scraps I had collected over a 20 year period. Scrap Beauty shows how these small scraps of fabric have been made into something useful and beautiful, an essence of patchwork and quilting.


Four patch pieced blocks are alternated with plain calico blocks all on point. Each four patch block is hand quilted through the centre of each square while three continuous lines of quilting run from top to bottom through each calico block. Materials used include cotton, linen, silk and velvet with a polyester wadding and plain calico backing. Raw silk is used for the handstitched binding.

Quilt label reads 'Machine pieced and hand quilted by Di Knight. Four patch blocks machined during 1989. Completed piecing top January 7, 1997! Hand quilting completed July 20, 1997'

1500 x 1250 mm


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