Owner Private Collection
Location Sydney, NSW, Australia
Maker Alison Muir
Origin new-south-wales
Pattern Contemporary
Date 2000-2009
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 113 cm x 40 cm


‘Imagetext’, defined by W.J.T. Mitchell, is when the image and text are totally integrated to form a message. The rock fissure is caused when water is integrated into the layers and eats away at the strata.

Exhibitions: ‘Dare to Differ’ Prospect Gallery Adelaide 2008
Publications: ‘Textile Fibre Forum’ Magazine, No 93, Issue 1, 2009 pg 40
present to friend


Materials: silk, silk voile, felt interlayer, cotton back
Techniques: Shibori, machine stitched


Andy Payne, Photographix


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