Owner Flora Noyce
Location VIC
Maker Mary-Anne Weir
Origin victoria
Pattern Patchwork Pieced Log Cabin
Date 1850-1899
Dimensions (H x W in cm) 150 x 150


The quilt was made by Mary-Anne Weir probably before 1890 at Glenlogie near Elmhurst Victoria where she lived with her husband William. They were married in 1880. It was then owned by the daughters of Mary-Anne, the youngest died 1976, aged 84 years. It is now owned by Flora Noyce, daughter of Elsie Weir. It is not used. The family knew the quilt was on the bed every Sunday when Mary-Anne and William lived at Glenlogie. "The youngest of Mary-Anne's children rescued this quilt from the 'Red Cross rag bag' about 1950 when an older sister was cleaning out cupboards." [Flora Noyce, 8 December 1998]


Log cabin quilt consisting of thirty six blocks each 200mm square. Light and dark arrangement with a variety of small patterned cotton materials (floral, spotted, striped) and plains. The blocks are hand stitched on to fine cotton and then joined by machine. There is a 120mm double gathered frill of floral cotton with a beige background. The backing is two pieces of cream cotton with repeat floral and musical motifs interspersed with forget-me-nots.
1500 x 1500mm


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