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Pieced Wool Quilt

  • Owner:
    Betty Johnson
  • Location:
  • Maker:
    Betty Johnson
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 135
    Width: 80


Betty Johnson made this quilt/rug in 1954 when her son Kenneth was going to The Kookaburra Kindergarten in Coleman Street, Wagga Wagga NSW. The children had a sleep on canvas stretchers. The seal motif on the back was for easy identification and matched the symbol on Kenneth's locker.


Pieced wool quilt, machined. Rectangles and squares, from a wide variety of materials including tartans, checks, tweeds, herringbones, joined in strips and then the strips joined. The backing is scraps of woollen material with a seal motif aookiqued on. There is no padding.
1350 x 800mm

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