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Reflections on a saline land

  • Owner:
    Fairfield City Council, NSW
  • Location:
    Fairfield, NSW, Australia
  • Maker:
    Alison Muir
  • Pattern:
  • Dimensions:
    Height: 110 cm
    Width: 95 cm


As a passionate environmentalist I was concerned about the continuing salination of Australia’s waterways and the recent revelation that silt is closing the mouth of the mighty Murray River. Overuse and mismanagement of water has caused the water-table to rise, bringing increased salt levels to surrounding farming areas. At the time not one of the 3 State Premiers was doing anything to help the Murray Darling River system. Donated to Quilts 2000 to raise money for the Paralympic Games Sydney 2000
Exhibitions across Australia from March 1999 to promote Quilts 2000, Quilts 2000 exhibition at Paralympic Games, Homebush Bay, Sydney.
Fairfield City Museum and Art Gallery since 2000
‘Aquamarine’ artist’s solo show Mosman Art Gallery 2005.
'Quilts 2000:Australia celebrates' by Karen Fail and Dianne Finnegan, published by Quilts 2000. Pg 49


Made from Commercial silks, polyester, organza and poly-cotton. Techniques: Fused appliqué, overlays, machine appliqué and machine quilting


Andy Payne, Photographix
Fairfield Art Gallery & Museum

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