OwnerBeverley Edmonds
Location QLD
MakerAgnes Emma Vonhoff
Origin queensland
Pattern Patchwork Pieced
Dimensions (H x W in cm)205 x 148


Made by Agnes Emma Vonhoff (born Schultz) in 1967, Toowoomba (Qld). Agnes was born 1897 in Goombungle, Qld, and died 1976 in Toowoomba Qld. Made for her grand-daughter, Beverly Edmonds, who owns the quilt. Her grand-daughter Beverly Edmonds, asked Agnes to make a suffolk puff quilt; the negotiated price was $25.00.
"Emma was not a sewer. Fabric pieces supplied by Beverly Edmonds. Clothing was made by the local dressmaker. Emma managed mending etc activities associated with farm life. She was a great cook!"


Patchwork quilt made from Suffolk Puffs in bright and pastel colours in cotton, cotton polyester blend and satin. Patches are a mixture of dark and light prints, set in groups of 4 patches. No lining or backing. Hand sewn. Written in ink on the back of the quilt: "Made by Agnes Emma Vonhoff for G.daughter Beverly Edmond".
2050mm x 1480mm


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