OwnerGlenda Wilkinson
Location VIC
MakerNorth Carolina Church Ladies Guild
Origin international
Pattern Patchwork Pieced
Dimensions (H x W in cm)221 x 185


The quilt was made by a church ladies guild in North Carolina, USA about 1967 for Betty Wootton. It was sent to her when she was living in Seoul, South Korea where she was working with her husband for the Presbyterian Missionary Society. When Betty returned from Korea in early 1969 she gave the quilt to her sister-in-law Glenda Wilkinson as she was returning overseas and wanted to leave it with someone who would appreciate it. It is rarely used.


Quilt consisting of thirty blocks 360 x 360mm each (5 x 6). Each block consists of squares and rectangles arranged diagonally and edged with triangles. Each block is made from two or three different cotton materials, different colours but mainly pastels. It has not been quilted but tied with pink wool with five ties per block. Machine sewn with a folded and machine stitched edge. Padding appears to be coarse open weave cotton. The backing is printed flannelette.
2210 x 1850mm


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